Code of Conduct

Anti-harassment and Anti-discrimination policy & Procedures

A. Objectives

The objectives of this Policy are to:

(i). Make sure that members, clients and associates of our Organization are aware that harassment and discrimination are unacceptable practices and are incompatible with the standards of this organization, as well as being a violation of the law.

(ii). Set out the types of behaviour that may be considered offensive and are prohibited by this policy.

B. Organization commitment

Designco is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities. Under this policy, every person has the right to be free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored at our Organization. If a claim of harassment or discrimination is proven, disciplinary measures will be applied, up to and including termination of employment. Our Organization is committed to a comprehensive strategy to address harassment and discrimination, including:

(ii). providing training and education to make sure everyone knows their rights and responsibilities

(ii). regularly monitoring organizational systems for barriers relating to Code grounds

(iii). providing an effective and fair complaints procedure

(iv). promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times.

C. Scope

The policy set out the activities involved and who it applies to. In employment, for example, Code protections have been interpreted broadly, to include temporary, casual and contract staff, as well as volunteers. Employees are protected against harassment and discrimination by co-workers, management and superiors – and they are also protected from the actions of others who enter the employment context, such as suppliers or clients. Employees may be protected while off the work site, or outside of normal working hours, where activities are connected to the workplace. Because employees are entitled to work in an environment free of harassment and discrimination from clients, suppliers or others who enter the employment context, publicly post the policy or make it available to visitors. The right to freedom from discrimination and harassment extends to all employees, including full-time, part-time, temporary, probationary, casual and contract staff, as well as volunteers, interns and apprentices. It is also unacceptable for members of our Organization to engage in harassment or discrimination when dealing with clients, or with others they have professional dealings with, such as suppliers or service providers. This policy applies at every level of the organization and to every aspect of the workplace environment and employment relationship, including recruitment, selection, promotion, transfers, training, salaries, benefits and termination. It also covers rates of pay, overtime, hours of work, holidays, shift work, discipline and performance evaluations. This policy also applies to events that occur outside of the physical workplace such as during business trips or company parties.