Code of Conduct



The objective of this policy is to prohibiting child labour strictly in the Factory.


This policy applies on all the employees of Designco on Roll or Contract, Regular or Temporary, by whatever term of employment it holds, especially on management and HR Department to avoid child labour.

Policy Statement:

“Designco” is having a policy of not recruiting a person of age below the age as per Factories Act 1948 (Law of the Land) or ILO standard.

Procedure: Following procedure is applied to verify Age of each Candidate before Recruitment-

1. Each Candidate is required to show his valid Age Proof with Photo in Original for Age and Background verification. Following Documents are valid for Age Verification-

1.1. Aadhar Card

1.2. School Certificate

1.3. Dentist Certificate

1.4. Passport

2.5. Driving License

2.6. Votor ID

After Age verification, Photo Copy of the valid Document is attached with the Application Form for Company Records.

If a child labour is identified at the factory the following steps will be followed:

(i) The Child Worker Must Stop Working Immediately.

(ii) The factory will not terminate the child worker’s employment & under no circumstances can the future safety and/or wellbeing of the child be put in jeopardy.

(iii) The factory will contact the child worker’s parents/legal guardians to arrange for the child’s safe return to his residence. The factory will be responsible for returning the child to his original residence, including the cost of transport, accommodation and any other related expenses. The factory will maintain all expenses records related to the child’s return.

(iv) If the child is the main source of income for his/her family, the factory will provide his family with a stipend. This amount will provide a financial assistance to family of the child as long as the child is actually sent to the school.

(v) The factory will provide employment to one adult member of the child worker’s family and will be employed by his/her own free will.

(vi) The factory will maintain contact with the child’s parents / legal guardian to ensure the child’s wellbeing and to verify his/her attendance in school. The factory will maintain proof of the communication with the child’s parents to verify compliance with the remediation plan.

(vii) The factory will contact the child’s school to ensure that he/she is attending classes regularly & the factory will maintain all document related to the child’s school attendance.

(viii) The Factory will consider re-employment of the child once he / she attain the legal working age.

(ix) The factory will ensure to enforce this Policy effectively.